great debility which repeated attacks of the complaint produce,

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by the four superior bones was bathed in a turbid, ill-conditioned pus ;

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Huxham's Tincture of Bark. The Compound Tincture of

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be exposed to the light, but wuiiuth docs not injure it.

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such advanced degeneration that it is impossible for the

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them here today. In conclusion, therefore, I hope these

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first communication to the Academic, in 1896, I have stated, and

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collection of pus somewhere in the peritoneal cavity.

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cure all the material possible for bacteriological exam-

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ject to alternate constipation and diarrhcea, with variable

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who spoke, it might be considered, the sentiments of his bre-

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six months old, two large masses of tuljercular glands, entirely distinct from

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composed of cotton-wool, surrounded by a layer of flock-

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recognize the able assistance rendered by the office

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Accepting this eminent authority on re- awaited me but, I also remembered, that I

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We have undertaken a measure this year which seems to have given

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ary Bright's disease to other diseases, and the proportion of acute, chronic, and

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eighteen months old ; was admitted December 22nd, 1826, affected

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modifies so as to render them capable of undergoing absorp-

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tical employment of hydrotherapy, and hydriatic in-

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congested. There is abundant muco-purulent secretion on the

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especially in the absence of symptoms before rupture. The points of

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during school life from the unhygienic conditions to which

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other part of the body than in the lungs, or else by the fact that the

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in 273 consecutive cases in our series) and by permitting limited

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temperament of a patient so well that I am perfectly

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75°, always with ice; duration, 10 minutes; cold kept

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read an abstract of a paper on this subject. He re-

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■,: found in the discharge, and, indeed, thev are at t-es - per^^en

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Section, American Federation for Clinical Research; the Western Society for Pediatric Research; the Western Region, Society for Investigative