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eyes, and consists of a slow movement of the eyes in one direction
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I ilting place just before or ut the time of the men-
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prepared and submitted to my colleague Dr. Charlewood Turner, who
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thus proving that the method of examination had been
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effect continues for some eight hours. It should be used in the
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bers of Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus pyo-
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vesicles had formed on tlie pharynx and palate. The new vesicles Itecame
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The county home of Nash is as pretty a place almost as this Sana-
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The influence of the various disinfecting agents upon the
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in a single short sentence. Disputed points are stated, but con-
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members of this society at the time of its presentation — I deter-
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source in the elements alone, we shall say nothing.
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Dunglison, and the labor therefore of preparing the present lex-
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ulnar nerves, i. e., nearly all the small muscles of the hands, and
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is by no means uncommon in the ordinary surgical Out-patients'
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to adopt the proposal, so that the Edinburgh Univer-
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as having dy.spepsia, only four of the fifty had pronounced gastric
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the action of that force. Incessant action is the universal attri-
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but we can measure it by its manifestations of motion, whether it be a
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Professional Card listings are available to Members.
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greater or less number on one or both sides, may, according to the humoral
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more or less inflammation and sometimes " watery eyes."
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had a practical and important bearing on the clothing
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tlio mit()tnati<' ('s(!a|»L'-valve we are enalilcd to inliodiice a
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not frowned upon by those in authority. The result is
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probably normal, healthy, and patent before infection, and through
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be any blood on the clothes, the prisoner could not have been guilty of the
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tors, there is one name of w hich the enlightened part of
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precise staffing formulas limits the ability of institutions
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shut. If the symptoms continue, there is nausea, vomiting, and
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membrane is thickened, softened, and more opaque than normal. Its surface
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years, and 2 more for from two to four years, and so on. This
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Text-Fig. 5. The effect of x-ray treatment on the circulating lymphocytes
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had lost a portion of its free edge. There was some atheromatous
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