do so. In the same way, the interruption of conduction of the impulses
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the same way. The bad effects of flowers on the voice is so well known
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tolerated." A man who dared to advocate such principles must
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from one-third to one-half an inch. If there is an eroded
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examination of the tissues of an amputated toe from a case of ery-
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ment, diluted with a wine-glass of water, will check di-
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understood as holding that there may not be a perispondy-
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21, died March 27, 1882. Was well up to fourth day, when seized with
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fat in the lacteals is in a finer state of subdivision than in the columnar
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them. 3. The well-known transportation of cholera by persons suffer-
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sticky, lustreless, and covered with a thin film of lymph ; if
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Soils containing much organic matter and presenting other favor-
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the grating of the knife, but felt no pain at all. I could
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representative collection of them in a coming issue of Virginia Medical.
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oil used in this way, diminisli the tenesmus; camphor, turpentine, and
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change Dr. Dudlield spoke of in classification was from a restricted total for
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taken for a long time, is of great benefit in scrofula and gravel.
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inches on 46 days in 1901, and a thirty -five years' (1871-1905
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demanding amputation can be divided into two groups:
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1890-91, xvii, 185-190. — TaUaslilma (K.) Itji no
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the magnificent results obtained by Major Russell with his original vaccine,
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originate with him. But we think it is fair to say that he has raised what
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cases, but as the pull is reduced and the vertebrae are drawn
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character. They have an effect on the digestion that brings results
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present a list of candidates for the various offices for the ensuing year.
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oozings from torn surfaces, thereby lessening the chances for
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came to operation the pus was sterile, and one had to decide
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becomes dull, responding to the liver ; whilst on the left
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to the intestines after guu-shot wounds. Gun-shot wounds of the liver
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night temperatures were high, with small diurnal range." He
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anfortunate male organ of generation (the portal through