together in almost every epidemic in various proportions, so
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Those German students of medicine who are competent to sustain the
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ease with rice diet. Am. J. Med., 4:545-577, (April) 1948.
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■which made it impossiltio for one to understand him. His voice
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the old rule, according to which the circumference of the
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To further illustrate the great value of Lister's method of
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little doubt that, until our processes of investigation
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of facilitating its employment and preservation. In a late
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pulse produced by the pituitary extract were marked ; in one they were
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instead of the stationary population of a town 'i Of late years-
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the grating of the knife, but felt no pain at all. I could
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had been found. In the ascending arch of the aorta there had
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or to molten lead flowing along the affected limb. Towards morning — " at
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My original intention was to remove some of the smaller lesions on
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private institution for the care of the sick in this
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ditions is rather to be explained by the common occurrence of both
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as ihey had been overcrowded during the winter of 1858. From
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rarely headache, often darkness before the eyes, no spinal irritation, but great weak-
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mia; est.azione. Coudotta chir. e osp. di S. Cristofano in legit
tepid bath, or baths prepared from decoctions of emoUient herbs.
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The time to gather roots is in the fall, after the leaves are
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a minority of cases uterine haemorrhage and hypogastric pain may be
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specific only against diphtheria toxaemia, and that it
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stomacli, put into closed phials, and tried with the ordinary ozone
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rolling the patient over, blood was seen to be flowing also
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write words, but not inability of utterance. For further particulars, vide
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temperature of 103° F., her pulse was rapid, and her doctor
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the upper fragment, I found that the limb could be neither
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A study of Table I. shows that all the cases with one
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was congenital, and had been a source of much anxiety to
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to 9,041 whites, 16 cases to 7,533 whites, and 3 fatal cases in-
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th^^c^). [Gr. a^vifc invisible -h ^«^ receptacle.]
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tumours, quite irrespective of their seat and position. Occasionally an
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th'- frequency with which this memliranc is alVected in different epi-