cannot see the object of using so heavy a paper and such
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cases trusts almost exclusively to local applications — as, for
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" Powell Ward." which derives its name from the deceased.
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of the frontal sinus even when it is full of pus, for
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be sufficient. It may be well to complete the cure, to change
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the blood expectorated is dark, grumous, and offensive, but this
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We repeat that the symptoms due to cerebral tumours display remark-
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bears nor requires much bloodletting ; and tliat such bloodletting is not
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(primary) or in secondary nodules scattered throughout the organ, is the most
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membrane highly congested and covered with mucus tinged with Ijlood.
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I do not think the amount of deposit means much so far the secondary
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include under it also the foot of the ascending frontal and the foot of the
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fall out spontaneously. Their nutrition is also quickly affected and
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atrophy of muscles. The knee jerks and the cremasteric reflexes
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heart may become thicker and stronger than natural, while the
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congenital shortening of one rectus abdominis muscle . 225
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As patients up to^ this time have not excluded daylight
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Dr. L. J. Brooks, of Norwich, was elected temporary chairman
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child, aged 5 years, " was frightened by a fowl flying at her, and fell
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gallia drank the same water as the occupiers of the immune houses.
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slower than 120. The nerve-centers were profoundly impressed; my
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Hysterical Pain in the Knee. — At St. < for some days, and the woman was lost
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inapplicable to the disease by all physicians of authority who dcvscribed
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be disloyal to the scientific attainments and enthusiasm of
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have been performed in two places — at the center, which had
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and recovery. The history of the case is as follows : The patient
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ventricle 7-8 mm. long by 4 mm. broad, and extending between the olive
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ure outfit" has been devised which consists of a small
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first attempt. It lay in a secondary bronchus, and during inspiration I
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the same paroxysmal character was exhibited in an equally cha-
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ment ceased nothing abnormal could be found in the pelvis.
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tic dressing applied. The patient's condition at the
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tion in August despite the loss of all the trimmings,