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sometimes to a remarkable degree. The nerves of the extremities were also

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of clots of blood, whether the result of phlebitis or from floating coagula

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Sir Thomas Thorne Thorne, in his lecture on administrative measures

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bones, and the consequent increased amount of surface

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during the administration of ether. Yet, confident as we are in

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bones of the forearm, of which two involved the upper extremities

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occurrred in a woman of 25, who had some remarkable attacks of

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State Hospital, there has been developed recently a clinic which is new in

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(E. M.) On the question of the identity of sirelJtococcus

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corpuscles soon settle to the bottom, leaving the clear supernatant

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equal. Next a drop of each of these cultures was placed

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tilage bends forward and the voice is troubled, as shown in

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salted diet, which not only irritated tiie intestines, but

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of form.ildehyde. Am. J. Pharm., Phila., 1898. Ixx, 86-

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of opinion that this was due to administrative efforts. It was astonishing that

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As patients up to^ this time have not excluded daylight

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a falling death rate was largely due to the active cooperation of