fluid may then be easily maintained night and day by
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ment of the neighbouring viscera and nerve plexuses.
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bellum, and the parts of the IkuU correfponding to it, develope
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would be expected to be the case. The acceleration observed at 37° C.
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4th The dilatation of the pupil coming on during an operation indicates in
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previously, and did not resort to antitoxine until he believed
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both medical and surgical work as they might arrange between
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9.523: this life force can be taken away as in II. 19.27 it could be
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that the preference should be given to this method in many
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two cases death, preceded by severe suffering, took
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strain and the bondage that her friends woidd have her
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photographed this Yellow Tiger Lily using a Canon FI cam-
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of Buffalo, however, is a great menace to those drinking the water
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urine increased in quantity, the general condition of the
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Cerebellum. — Describe (a) its relative development in man
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Observations on the Natural History of Trtmmatie Tetanus. 153
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reduced dislocation of the elbow. For the treatment
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are fermentable materials, to be called into action
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50° C. for one hour). Broth cultures should not be used, as they
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slightly antitoxic in vitro, its preventive power is insufficient
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Walter P., aged 22, admitted March 26, with a lacerated
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of the urine locates the disease in the urinary tract and
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act of eating the cake in which the poison was administered. On the other
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towards night. The urinary secretion progressively decreased, and with Jthis decrease the
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c\ la Bassini. In the second layer the round ligament
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of softening indurations. It has of galbanuni an ounce, the soot of frankincense-,
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the lapse of a twelvemonth it had produced hypertrophy of the
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The Historical Commission heartily thanks the l^orth Carolina Medi-
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tion of the external rectus with an open partial tenotomy of the in-
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the cartilages may follow. The ball-and-socket joints are most fre-
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use of natural mineral waters aids in the renal circulation and keeps the kid-
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(outer 1) side, for, he says, the pus (?) is found to be sur-
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cally or surgically, as required, this subject vvi 11 not be considered in a controver-
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much relaxed, one or two grains of finely powdered chalk may be
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Maximal Height of Barometer (17th, at 9 p.m.), 30.449 „
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condition. In a recent case of this kind, he would,
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Recurrences are too often met with when the cure seems definite. In spite