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pseudopneumococcus by Nicolle, to which the animals are normally susceptible.

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an association between tobacco and athletic prowess and to

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to induce. He says he has frequently seen failure of vision

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fer using the milk of the goats, herds of which are kept in

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intense pain from which his wife suffered whenever ho attempt-

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Uon 8d. 4th. 5th D. arches, some pus from corresponding vertebra.

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and postures to avoid, but not every patient is conscious

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in neurasthenics. Such a vaso-motor cramp might easily be

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the United Stales Pharmacopeia ; while eighty-two fell

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chusetts, on the establishment of a new College of Physicians in Boston.

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Journal, 1890. i. p. 709.-22. Buzzard. Brain, 1888-89, p. 84.-23. Campbell.

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The malarial fevers of New York City. Med. & Surg.

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to the effect that the causative uric acid existed in the

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consider to have been, in some degree at least, attributable to the


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exposed in this way to the air, that enables the process of respi-

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on winter nights, his patients, when he did not at their beck and

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Sanitary Exhibition, 1881 ; and Silver Medal at the Sanitary Exhibition,

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hours after its introduction — only a very small patch of mem-

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mal School without sufficient preparation to accomplish, within the

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been there for some time when Dr. Ireland sent for me. On reaching

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he frequently could only name objects after helping mere sight

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titled Lata if-i- Rashidiyya composed in his honour.

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as a mangle or wringer in squeezing water out of clothes.

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increases with inspiration and decreases with expiration. He draws his

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wise ; he has always had good health with the exception of this condi-

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secondary and teftiary was being given up to-day, be-

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the addition of a little salt, and this will be well tolerated,