great pangs of chagrin over the smallpox situation in Cleveland.

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alcohol conjoined, will as certainly produce disease if the action of this latter

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The clinical history of epidemic, differs from that of sporadic, dysentery

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Armies. I was myself almost constantly on the saddle,

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the commencement of the expiratory act. The normal vesicu-

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will not be able to secure the reduced rates offered by steamship lines and

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he never drinks e.vcept at meals, for generally the

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moderate and every attention given to render patients

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small proportion of cases of tonsillar enlargements could be considered

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mendations to the Board, but it is to be hoped that some

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slight chill occurs, followed by mild febrile movement continuing for one

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and postures to avoid, but not every patient is conscious

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tion children who, without obvious cause, such as absence or ill health,

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Sept. 29th. — Still suffering too much to permit of any exploration of

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infiltration of fat in the form of both fat-£;]obules

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admissible in separating the fat or greasy matter, and in reducing the white,

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lakes, from snow in the v/inter and sand in western deserts.

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On the Transmission of the Subtertian Malaria Parasite (Plasmodium Falci-

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place which should be looked to for sanitary improve-

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tennial year : President, Dr. Henry W. Williams, of Boston ; Vice-Presidelit,

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Allen (C. W.) Dermatoses of the eye. J. Ctitan. &

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base, may prove fatal by inducing fatal compression ; and again, if, in a case

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limited to the occiput, is seated between the eyebrows, or is hemilateral.

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