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was cause for intense mental worry. These patients are usuaUy affected at tbe

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are not uniformly cylindrical throughout their entire

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been employed and ice applied to the nape of the neck without effect; the

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willing to use strychnia as the best stimulant. I do not believe that

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Here, then, was a case of perfect paraplegia (I say perfect, for he had

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June 15th. — Patient expresses himself as better, and the febrile excitement is dimi-

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picion of an affection of the larger cavity will be raised, but it may be

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the case that operation can be done within several hours

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rent could not be paid; a cheaper house was taken in St.

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ture reached 105° in the evening. The cerebral symptoms be-

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The doctor approves of the rigid isolation allowing patients out of isolation when a

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left undisturbed without the risk of any serious disaster be-

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Prof. M. told me some months after the ojieration he

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administration of pulv. ipecac, co. and amm. chlor. Suddenly

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streptococcus and B. coli on broth. With all three of these organisms they

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the irrigation is begun. It is generally necessary to admin-

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M. Dastre thought that the facts related by M. Quin-

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times as far from the sea as Aiken, and considerably lower

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of New York, Dr. Moynahan and Dr. Mayo Robson, and many

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infectious diseases are properly disinfected before being returned to

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lymphatic tissues of the body. The large mononuclear

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a new one, but none the less wide and useful. It is

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Take fonr tablespoonfuls of each, place in bottle with

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with the condition, that, if we wish for a durable cure, the mixed

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In order to avoid diagnostic errors it is necessary always to remember

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proliferation of connective tissue and degeneration of nerve fibres. This