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"From another quantity of blood drawn soon after the first, 1000

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5. Of the various theories, that advanced by William Ewart is

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March, and December, January, August, November, September and October;

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neous cellular tissue, but was plainly the result of a slight enlarf^ement of the

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joints or visceral tissues. . The persistence of the temporomaxil-

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of the latter, the virus of small pox, of the carbuncle of the plague, and the ema-

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into both. In cases where there was no dilatation, they observed that in some

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hypermotility of the stomach, we can say confidently that there is an

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friable, and will occasionally break in the bladder, from violence done

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Such an explanation does not hold, for the lesions observed in

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deduced from it has added many valuable facts to therapeutics, and not the least

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These two series occupy one side of the hall. On the other are patholo-

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retained upon the stomach, and she was put upon the use of the hydro-

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the cardiac changes noted during anaphylaxis in the dog are not

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F. Muller. Icterus, Zeit. fur klin. Med., 1887, xii, 45.

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simply, that there is an undue preponderance of the white over the red tissues,

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"Nor is this," says Dr. Carswell, "the only circumstance connected with para-

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nature and to represent but a relatively unimportant phase of

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the mean temperature of summer and winter at Fort Snelling, Iowa, and at

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XX. Observations on the injliiewce of Religion upon the Health and Physical Wel-

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read the "Sur I'Hydrocele du Coti." Since that time, accident again favoured me

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on this every thing depends. The great importance attached to the diagnosis

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the wound, to prevent protrusion of the intestines and the escape of any por-

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His language leads to the inference, that he maintains this opinion raiher from

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and are they the products of a pathological catabolic process on

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state. In the other cases the artery of the inflamed limb remained larger than

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medium, and its occurrence is promoted by the presence of fresh

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milder by 3° of latitude than that west. Whilst at Fort Trumbull, Connec-

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inconclusive to extend beyond the schools of medical philosophy.

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ed, when the animal thrusts his muzzle into the water, on account of the remain-

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