Aviiich it occurs often masks the few symptoms which attend its develop-

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Prognosis. — The prognosis is extremely unfavorable. It is only when

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Cutaneous anesthesia rarely exists throughout the course of the disease,

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of tlic lu-i'tiTs. may simu'l iincs dislodi^i; ii oalculiis and facilitate its passajre

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the inflammation numerous ulcers appear, extending in rings transversely

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patient has a cough with a scanty muco-purulent expectoration, the voice

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residuum afterwards undergoes cheesy or calcareous degeneration. The

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the passage to the pharynx is found obstructed by the swollen glands, the

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Amputation of the Penis is performed for malignant disease. Treve's

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source of great annoyance, both to the patient and the physician. Like-

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but here it should be understood that the most rigid antisepsis is nec-

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of great cortical irritation. This is manifest by the person shunning

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mine the presence or absence of free acid, a test meal may be given, and

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Tubercular Bladder. — This disease is rarely primary. The evidences

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be made out by the following symptoms. The vomiting of food, which

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"walls of the chest. The commonest example is in connection with fracture


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the hemorrhage is from the bladder j)ersistent weak astringent injections

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disease, and the evidences of syjjhilis, hereditary or acquired, in the indi-

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ing the diet, and insisting upon daily exercise, the constipation is easily

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sallow, anxious countenance are dangerous symptoms. I'uimonary con-

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Later, hemorrhoids appear, and after a paroxysm of dyspnoea and cyanosis

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Etiology. — Opinions are still divided as to the identity of variola and vari-

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attracted to it on account of a continued pulsation of the lower part of the

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hardly be confounded with the profuse sweats of pyaemia. Vomiting

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Brandy or gin in milk, ten to twenty drops every three or four hours,

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is called hemorrhagic. When the eruption is very abundant, little vesicles

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When the cutaneous capillaries are obstructed, ecchymotic spots are

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tassffi in mucilage may be given three times in the twenty-four hours.

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