ceased to grow, became less fixed, and slightly smaller.
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asis. The presence of worms is not specifically excluded, but if
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coughing, straining, and, in short, in all forms of glottis closure, the
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The three first molars are temporary teeth, and are replaced
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Wiis again made out-patient, and during the latter months of the year was
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Neuroscience Conference (Basic), Mondays, 8:00 a.m., UAMS 7D33.
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* The following tabular statement of the anatomical forms of the glands which
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tive process, either producing or accompanying nasal dis-
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The surgeons have been in the practice of frequently visiting the patients who
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with a lightness of spirits, a joyousness of mind and a mirthfulness of temper, which is a
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for years been hidden from our sight, though his memory is
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a salaried position. Please respond to: Adelaido G. Tanhueco,
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1 : 110 ; in the two Rhenish provinces 1 : 100 ; in Wes1|
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incorporation of the addenda, and the introduction of occasional brief notes of
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State control other and less harmful infections and make no effort what-
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might arise. It is best, before doing intubation, to explain
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successful than that of any other American surgeon.
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one-half as great; the inversion is just the same; but
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work was for so long a time associated in the production of authoritative
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erect posture. There was a chlorotic bruit in the vessels of the
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Vesicular Emphysema. Emphysema is caused by prolonged and
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having the stricture only between them, which is then to be
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