during sleep. The increased production must be compensated
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. Clinical Diagnosis of Benal Colic and Kidney Infarcts,
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Reduction of Dislocations by Manipulation. — Dr. W.
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-^ The wahts of the physical organizatio|U4ind the helplessness
consist in an undefined constitutional disturbance and inregolariljcf
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attractive. Dr. Roose holds that ' for genuine solidity, useful-
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into the bladder ; and to this the subsequent formation
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Causes. — Colts are sometimes born with this condition, but
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had been changed. There was no rise of temperatur. . The
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spoke of that in reference to the general city statistics, but I think it hardly
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posure to air, or contact with animal stomachs that determine the
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Aspect bad. No pain. No soreness. No complaint of anything.
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champagne, etc.) and heavier malt liquors, must be eschewed, and the patient
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D., Pennsylvania ; E, S, Lemoine, M. D.. Missouri ; Francis West, M. p., Pennsylva-
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servation. The regular daily rations of each animal are : Sound corn meal,
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cervical, axillary, and inguinal. These changes may be restricted to the
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cattle, as their records show, may be divided into four distinct lots,
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most pjiinstaking care has been bestowed to make it a fall and trustworthy guide for the »tudfa;
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checked the hemorrhage for a time, and the serous discharge, which waa
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is the variety described and illustrated in every text-book
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" Notwithstanding the presence of this tumor, and its
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artery feen through the dry and tranfparent fafcia. (O) A
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m which I had suspected pneumonia before performing tracheotomy, and
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