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that ovarian tumours, by their destruction of the normal tissue of the
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zations and author of several articles, Doctor Grin-
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Primary syphilitic ulcers present many varieties ; these depend,
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dollar, with a red granulating surface over the part ex-
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sion of the spermatic function on the side upon whrch it is
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rapidly worse. The trismus was more marked, and, unlike
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of the present law under which we are operating. The lack of
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ment, pneumonia was superadded to the bronchial inflammation, and
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" When I saw it (in the evening), it had already stood some days, and a thin,
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shaken and was allowed to stand for about 5 minutes, when quantities of
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new, and so it is with infantile paralysis. For years it was thought that
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- " Discussion on Dilatation of the CEsophagus without Anatomical Stenosis," Proc. Roy.
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your attention to another disease that is also a nutritional disease,
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several instances there was direct evidence of some tubercu-
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eyelid was frequently twitching, and the eyeball often
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vie with each other in their far-reaching power of per-
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certain drugs as a prophylactic measure against malaria. Quinin
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Professor Murphy, of University College, London, Hon. President : —
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microscopically, many of them appear normal. On passing inward toward
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him, that Louvain became the most im- nied on some of his campaigns. Profes-
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up the scrotum ; the fine bougie occupies the groove of
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is accused of having made use of his position as confidential
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very much relieved, all the distressing symptoms having
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great care others may be infected. The more carefully epidemics are
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last loss occurred a month ago and was rather more profuse than before.
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{J^enry Frowde &• //odder & Stoughton) 3s. 6d.
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nected with the prostate gland. Frequently we find a
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persons of lax fiber who are compelled to be upon their feet a good deal,
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Coopbr.Gro. H., Major andSurgson. — Ai>pointed Assist-
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errors, giving information to those who could scarcely
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and favour the perstaltic movement of the bowels will aid