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an oval mass of the size of a pigeon's egg being introduced within the
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Koosevelt Hospital has led the staff to consider the chances
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hour; pancreatinized milk, beef juice, eg-g--nog- and
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cian that longer concealment or denial would prove dangerous
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to start on the three or four articles referred to because as
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fessional persons, they are, probably, always of cerebral origin, and in fact
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Resolved, That this Convention now proceed to the election of it«
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means necessarily renders the disease fatal. It occurred in 4 out of 133
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after delivery; taking only what the calf wants for a couple of
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perspiration becomes profuse, the internal organs especially are
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The author had collected forty-nine cases by various
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would not be surprising that no results were obtained,
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thority of Bichat, Pechlin, and many other physiologists, of
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Balsam of copaiva, if the urethra is irritable, may be a valuable reme-
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eutly still open for further explanation. It -would
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ing to Saundby, writing in 1897, the death-rate from the disease per 100,
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error to say that the occurrence of fits in childhood involved danger of
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may be conceived to be, the natural temperature of the placenta.
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here laid down would find it most inconvenient to bear a second child
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On percussion over the tumour the note may be dull, but not so absolutely dull
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spinal cord, the facts have to suffer a tremendous strain.
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concerned in a powerful ejaculation. (See above.) In this way the superimposed
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the Nicaraguan canal is not infected with yellow fever and there is no
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cession in the same case. It has been conjectured that the continued use
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in an institution for the insane when they are not insane; but there is very
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ness" and therefore, powerful efiect of its anti-germ and putrefactive
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equal quantity to the amount of material to be disinfected and allow the
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poisonous substances from the gastro-intestinal tract, produced by micro-
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well qualified to write a book on this important branch of
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“Birth-related neurological injury” means injury to
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correctly to diagnosticate disease and judiciously to prescribe the
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In collapse, complicated by the lymphatic constitution, arti-
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These differences were the greatest from the following causes.
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