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poor, whose cases are quite unsuitable for treatment in a
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-ease, however, seems to have been contagion? — ad(.ie(|Uod onincs,
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In the course of having to supermtencl the studies in the medical
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time of entrance was quite stout. During the three weeks previous to
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he was finally overpowered and thrust into a restraint chair, where he
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cease instantly; the mucous membrane to become pale and
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')ne’s peers, going barefoot has been relegated to those
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Barry writes : '' May 18th, 1736. I was mad enough to go to
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been demonstrated, however, that part of the poison
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breath, and an hour later its color was normal and resuscita-
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or contracture of portions of an arm or leg, to whatsoever cause this may
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There are, moreover, frequently present certain nodules and infiltrations, the
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stroke, as was shown by the occurrence of a severe one not long afterwards.
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Size, The red globules vary in size from 6/ii to 9/11 in diameter,
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tion varied from 8 to 10 days. Some of the animals manifested a
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Jonas * reports 7 cases. His plan of treatment is as follows:
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in a coal-mine." or that of Head, " residence in a cow-house." Erasmus
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Coast. The natives call it goitndou, and, also, anakhre.
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tors of sozone, the new asthmatic remedy, gracefully retired on the fifteenth of
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guish that in my opinion human nature can suffer — until thev
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thor, who is a close reader and an acute thinker, will,
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is a pelvic floor that is at fault it should be repaired, when the
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in military life, because soldiers may at any time be required to go and
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lopathy. Morbidity was greatest during the first six months of
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Dr. Skinner, writing in 1890 on the subject of scarlet fever, was of the opinion