died from natural causes. The civil courts decided in

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are not infected, and that the wounds should be sutured,

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Under certain circumstances hemorrhage is of such a character as

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(Hosch, cited by Marchand, Graefe's Arch. f. Opldh., xxviii. 2.)

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M. B., aged 43, primipara. This patient was seen the day

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enveloped by a piece of linen cloth, corresponding to a hole in

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removal of the whole larynx, an incision was made in the line of

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most never smoke it. Perhaps this difference in the

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the liability to the disease, but he was certain that wherever

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one of the most popular physicians of Canada. The announce-

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storm ; and most of the Board pass their summer months in

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utility of the X-rays in detecting and locating metallic parti-

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and at the same time an assured intolerance to quinin in the shape

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during or after the services. Rubella is unquestionably one of the infectious

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5. Eliason EL and Welty RF: A ten-year survey of intestinal

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The signs which have been here enumerated are found only when no delay

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gall-bladder and the intrahepatic ducts, may lead to hydrops of the

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The value of this feed when given with grain was tested with a

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Dear Sir, — Since the preceding article was sent to you, the No.

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fats, sugar, starch and coloring matter. And to prevent milk from souring and

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weeks local tuberculosis occurs if the milk contained the bacillus.

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point Providence has stationed us, whether near the goal or distant

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unetimes, yet not always, its expulsion is the condition and the

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Baldrey reports two experiments in which infection was obtained by

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If a pleuritic exudate become absorbed except for the fibrinous

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are to be found who have not heard oi mercurial nodes. The parisian

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the seat of parenchymatous or interstitial changes. Yet it cannot be

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the location of the disease is limited to a small extent, and the

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It is easy to bear with the presence of an alimentary bolus in the respiratory