manent duration. It is highly desirable that some convenient method
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We do not copy the cases by whose history Dr. Scudamore
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rather earlier in children than in adults, and is weaker and
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the gall-bladder. The surgeon may find an acute cholecyst-
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Should the patient die from other accidents, no trace remains
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tion, though this fluid is so much talked of in accounting for pa-
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tures, dislocations, diseases of the bones and joints, rickets, and chon-
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parently cured. In four months he was readmitted to
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Bt a resolotion of the Society, the time of the annual meeting was ahered
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a part of the book is thrown away by prescriptions which homoeopathy,
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that the number will be small— yea, very small. We had sup-
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mission and a more or less constant oozing ever since. She was
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alone, without other food; it also shows well the possible food action
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70. Robertson, "William. Case of Tracheotomy for Laryng.
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expressed in immunizing units greater than that of the diphtheria
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In most wounds there is simply hemorrhage from the capillaries.
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invite the Allen county society to attend the April meeting. They will be
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to give. It has blank pages for the insertion of new
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the chest and abdomen, but all were drained of blood. The heart and great
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may have begun earlier, as he had been obliged to get larger
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a Bordeaux journal, recording some cases of extirpation of
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tion of pus, hot applications, and get the matter over
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occipital regicm. Other than some mental dulness, there were no
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which can be used for long periods with good effect,
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Atlantic City to see if the change of air would help
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resulted In a much better understanding of the work, the liapers written at
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Perhaps of all the various manifestations of the energy
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be better to have the truth on this as on every sub-
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In connection with the work of the gymnasium, it was noted that tho
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