1865 Glynn, Thomas Hobinson, M.B. Lond., Liverpool,

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dation for prolapse and other displacements of the womb is laid

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nervous element is a serious factor for consideration

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of publicity was carried on for a few weeks somewhat as follows.

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in most of the cases, the quickest fatal case being of one

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of water to be treated. The amount of alum added to the water must

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" A Hare Case of Ovarian Disease," " On Secondary I lancer

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present, and leads to considerable difficulty in diagnosis, when,

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730. {b) Archiv fur Pathologic und Physiologie, vol. Iviii.

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It is stated that enlargement of the heart is indicated by an

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a grave malarial infection, with intermittent fever, accompanied by a

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is, lead can only pass a damaged kidney. The lead excreted by the liver

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individual. Recent researches, moreover, have shown that in traces

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Jt'rom January 17th to 25th, the catheter was required, and used

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guaranteed to furnish the new institution with at least

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viii. p. 895. 36. LEYDEN. Zeitschrift f. klin. Med. xxi. 1892, p. 1. 37. MARIE, 1'.

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the muscles, and even in the amount of dropsy present, so