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Government Board has lately declared, in answer to an inquiry, that not only
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at the time I saw her, her temperature was reported to be running almost daily
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through the little town, the patient in his night-shirt leading, with a
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Weber, Agnew, Wecker and Landolt, Prince, and others.
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pathological and medico-legal relations. He advises that the bones of the body
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today. I know very well how dangerous a ground any doctor treads on
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diseased organs, which are often the surgeons' only
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cal Director. He was appointed one of the Trustees of the State
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which are then to be exhausted by suction, cups, &c.) Injections of
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to establish the diagnosis. If the reaction is not sustained
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died, 16 have shown no improvement, while 108 have been
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the cases of the latter group a sinus thrombosis would be found, be-
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tary personnel who had febrile illnesses were evaluated.