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Lovett, Robert W.: The occurrence of painful affec-
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that is, to 35° C. and below in a few hours. This characteristic
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derstand better what Sir John Simon taught thirty years
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states, a surgeon in the Mexican War in 1846-47. He was a man
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usual confinement — for he had always led an active life
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Our discussion of the pain produced by cholelithiasis:
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to fit against the pubic arch, with a view to the dilatation of the vagina
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instance, occurring under my own observation : 2 All the children of a
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The Third Volume will embrace, more especially, the consideration of the diseases
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nation of the occurrence, a genetic connection between the two events
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.aminalion in Materia Medicil* and Therapeutics was
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Endogenous output of uric acid December 18-22 = 1.73 gm.
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e rendic. d. Accad. med.-chir. diPerugia, 1892, iv, 101-110. —
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whether these effects are actually manifested in the circulating blood.
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namely, that of Westhoff and Ziegler, who believed that
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spoonful. A better way of taking it is in an infusion made as
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convention, for the purpose of forming a Pharmacopoeia.
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sion of public taste, by means of gradually increasing adulteration.
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minal wall involved becomes brawny, and the amount of inflammatory
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the diagnosis. I am quite convinced that many syphilitic headaches are
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