The character of the symptoms depends entirely upon the
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for innominate aneurism, and also a table of the various cases
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Dr. William Osier, of Baltimore, and Dr. Morris Longstreth, of
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^ Just as a family possessing limited wall space, but a great number of pictures
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are poisonous and not reliable as germicides. But I think I can safely
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incisions, as they may be termed, through the mucous
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tend constantly to illustrate the theory of Malthus by in-
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*Being in part a discussion of the paper of Dr. George
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mioond the edges, but show no tendency to become deeper. Condylo-
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the condition was associated with hydramnios and mace-
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formed in this case. Then, again, the occasional squirting of
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the stomach along the alimentary canal to the anus, and lining the
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ted from the blood, but that it is formed, as in other cases,
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of its intelligence, perceiving the tendency of noxious powers
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the solid appearance of epithelial cells, than the finer and more gracile
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in other acute inflammations, for example pneumonitis, it
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of the skin, which in sensitized individuals produces a sharply localized
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many of the errors of men who, like Pliny the naturalist,
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losis, especially in females. 5. Phosphorus poisoning. Although the liver
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uary 31, from septicemia, after a long illness, aged
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make exception of brain disease in studying degenerative change. The
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causes serious embarrassment of the circulation and restoration. The
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geons. Previously, however, to my seeing him, the child had been
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by the isolation of individual varieties, some light has been throw r n on this subject.
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other places near the infected district, will be con-
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four grammes of pus. No change in the scotoma was noticed
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recognised by any definite symptoms, but it is sometimes indicated
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Where small alterative dofies of blue mass or oalomel were given, but in
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a doubt, mainly in consequence of the researches of Koch. This investi-
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clinic was held. Upon returning I found the men greatly interested and
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to the trunk of the nerve, so that the chain was perfect, al-
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another pari of the year nothing but males, and also
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on balneology ; and a department in that magnificent
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tions and counter-indications, dangers and advantages over
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daring attempt. Besides the Latin she is now possessed of every modern
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be said, however, that from the length of time elapsing since the com-
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these results the epithet " pure " applied to angina or croup is to be
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crisis ; if this area is large and extending, then the fullness of the
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cerebral disease. After very careful analysis of all the symptoms, Dr.
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formed cystotomy for relief of cystitis, but these cases
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the shoulder of the affected side, and is described as being of a
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of this condition to gout, articular rheumatism, migraine, cutaneous aflfec-
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little or none at all, and the swelling of any joint has been
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fever in which bronchopneumonia — inhalation pneumonia — has arisen as an
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by reason of the distribution of the vagus nerve to both heart and stomach.
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that in certain operations chemicals like carbolic acid, mer-
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to note that the muscular contractions are excited and increased by all
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above stated, cutaneous eruptions have been observed during the attack