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ed upon by the cortical portion, which was abundantly studded with
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accrue. Dr. Hucluiiian put his finger on one of the weaknesses of Poncet's
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When a woman happens to part with her burthen before the
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had resisted for five months such agents as iron, quinine, bone-
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Assistant Surgeon, ordered for duty at Fort Buford,
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the disease. With the progress of knowledge, scorbutus is becoming
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troduced from without, but these experiments showed
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parison with that of the new-born. The long axis is so
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diagnosis and proper treatment. The mistakes of this sort
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Jarvis, Killgsbi-idoc, ikv.iii; Haswcll IV i :.--.iuyard, Here-
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its evacuation ; but when danger to life is imminent from its
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Rnyal 8f0, cloth gilt, illustrated by a series of Original Photo-micrographs and
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disease, is not yet settled. It is well known that cer-
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The second case— M. D., aged thirty-two— was admitted
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whole of the inferior and posterior parts, the lung was riddled with
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The Eruption of Typhus Fever. — About the fifth to the seventh
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acid is certainly not increased, if anything rather diminished,
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cation presents herewith its Twenty-first Annual Report.
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ceptance and success. These bandages have to be cut
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brood. Generation after generation of bacilli was in this way
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will be up and doing his work. His friends remonstrate in vain.
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slight but quickly made pressure on the globe, sufficing to
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As a rule the improvement is immediate and only seldom diminishes
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longer individuals were seen, but the organisms showed little tendency
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thoroughly did the blows expel the blood at the point of
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Macdonald's report on Wuchow is of special interest, deal-
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ris,) and anteriorly and interiorly on the clavicle over the first