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. male adult when both are equally exposed to suffocation from carbonic acid ;
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of the cultures, one to be placed in the anaerobic jar and the other
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generally contained. This woman is also said to have con-
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very much relieved, all the distressing symptoms having
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as possibly one of the most extensive in Europe, and gave the following
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lamentable to hear wliat had taken place, but the .section of
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1899. Iviii, 937-963.— IVt-latoii. Observations de fractures
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5. Male. Occasional attacks typical duodenal ulcer ; pain
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ninety persons having been atfected in all, but none fatally.
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hail I'JT in hospital and over 200 in quarters, which numbers have
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as regards the deaths coming into this category. We include in it
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normal. The posterior arachnoid bridge was partially covered with lymph ;
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patient. German silver electrodes, Lead II; resistance measured as described,
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That the dividing line between these two conditions is, in many
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liiey are completely aoftened. The head U then to be enveloped in ■
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died, 16 have shown no improvement, while 108 have been
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diplococcus, but it does not suffice to remove its capacity for self-
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that the urgency and weight of that responsibility cannot
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remain untreated when failing heart's action or complications
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reasons assigned, fully convinced of the existence of fibrils during
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ing Boards ; their present and prospective influence in elevating
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entziindung. Repert. d. Thierh,, Stuttg.. 1889, 1, 81- 103.
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PRAVACHOL is contraindicated in the presence of active liver disease or unexplained transaminase elevations.
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of a horse applied for six hours, has in a period of
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second or on the third day, but reappears with the rash. In some very mild
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In fracture of the ribs tlie sharp end of the bone is apt to stick into
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^hall receive thirty-five cents for each paper he may have to read over the number of
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ing and inflammation in the throat be considerable,
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brown paper and is translucent to light like the wall of an ovarian cyst.
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period, the conviction became general among the intelligent
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Cleft between little and ring fingers, left 83° ; right (paralyzed) 64°.
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noted in arthropod experiments may be those of nonpathogenic herpetomonad or
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entricles contained a considerable quantity of serum. The choroid plexus
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tion of disease. Of what value to us as practitioners
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long periods, walk unsteadily ; they have to walk with attention, and sometimes
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imbedded in the membrane, and is less prominent than
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not included in the operations, and the second mistake is
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The house also adopted a board report on the American ,|
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needles is, that they cut in such a way as to aid hremos-