Desguin (L.) CbiriirKie couservatrice dans les grands
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4. Treat i drop of recipient's red-cell emulsion with 4 drops of his serum. Finally
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having said this, I have performed a grateful ofiice, and I may add duty
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lege, will fill the vacancy during the present lecture
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Tumors of the liver would vary according to size and position, while
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32 with a tuberculous tendency showed the presence of a dis-
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equal to water treatment, and recovered. It is difficult
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years old ; and 12,970 among children less than live years old ;
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which have been used for some time, the metal gradually be-
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whole lateral extent of the cord and ending above and below
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one year, and had been in hospital for a period of four weeks, during
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underwent a considerable increase in its height ; (4) the
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reappeared, for the third time, in the blood of a rat which had been treated by
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of the spinal canal. These are the nerve-roots that come off from the
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less agitated by winds, when they are carried with too much force and
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be years, the patient becomes thoroughly crippled ; most of his joints, or
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when it proved to be a sarcoma of the ovary in which
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Two hfurl Thl A " ^"^ """ ■""«• An hour's perlormii.ce.
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the peritonaeum recovers after operation because putrefactive bacteria pro-
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had no scruple in enjoying Dr Daun's dinner-parties. Dr Daun,
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different at the time of tracheostomy, and it appears that
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These researches, although no practical results of the method
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the eighteenth century, commented on the great aftinity between plague
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distention from flatus, and the absence of tympanitis, will distin-
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ing a venous eddy at the point of obstruction. In one
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surface in both periods. With his ordinary simple diet, the average
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tion were invoked it would account satisfactorily for the occurrence of red
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That, accoi'ding to Huber, the ova of the Bees, if fecun-
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|>romi>t rcstorntion to liPtiltli likely to follow ovacua-