the case being scabies must be carefully weighed, and the diagnosis arrived
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subjected to the change in the presence of the air.
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the teeth appear ; fontanelles close, and cranio- remedies as indicated. Lukewarm wash
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is not in a fit state for exercise ; his nervous system is undergoing waste,
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worked hard, did a great deal, made numerous inquiries, and
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the head has succeeded in allaying it in some instances, whilst
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irs in the shape of chronic hepatitis. This disease exists only in
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serious in jnultipara*. A woman affected with severe chorea may die
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his admirable paper. Thus, we read in his treatise, that
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cent. Tliis showed what an effect the collecting of statistics had
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every one of these symptoms may occur in cholera morbus produced by a
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Fever. The pains of Venomous Bites or Stings, e.g., of
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not infrequent explanation of what is called spontaneous cure of aneurism.
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There are certain natural I'eservoirs or depots ibr the })hysiological accumula-
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were to examine into the history of medical cases from the begin-
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Si'c. for most of tliem are also to be taken a second
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Keebercbes siir les eliangements optiqnes del'ti-il pendant
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â– death will be felt by a large portion of the public as the loss
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pressed, Avhere it passes behind the internal condyle of the humerus ; but
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coma, the form first described by Kaposi, in 18G9. In
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invasion of surrounding tissue, and the formations of new
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consequence of this, give rise to precisely the same symptoms."
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tion of its public health, and I am sure that a people
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Medical Officer and Medical Superintendent of the Trinidad Leper
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tion of opacities near the posteiior pole of the len.s? Ophth.
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are discussed in detail. Rubow' measured the vital capacity in a num-
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act of eating the cake in which the poison was administered. On the other
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'* In order to fulfil the former indication, one may have recourse to one of two
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to eradicate diseases of this nature by any efforts di-