and sometimes falls. If looked at carefully, is seen to be unusually
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endocardium are less frequently involved. The amyloid material is
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It invades, runs its course and subsides like a fever. Its symptoms
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tained as to the efficacy of alcohol, the hypo-phos-
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but they again reappeared with exophthalmos and edema of
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pain. We occasionally observe perforating ulcer of the arm or leg persist-
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using cistern water. Twelve feet of the service pipe was lead, and
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polytechnic training schools which have been estab-
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such digestion actually occurs is indicated by the appearance of
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all those we judge to be similar; the more our judgment is
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and to afford relief strychnia had to be given in doses of
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severe confluent eruption, 60, in 15 doses were injected;
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Highest (Sun. <t Fri.) 30.082; lowest (Tu.) 20.0.52; mean, 29.90'J.
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alimentary tract, probably the rectum by the colon bacillus, the
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ulcer; they are unattended with pain, rise above the level of
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absorbent vessels, which is brought on frequently by
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This proposition, coming at such a time, and directly from the represen-
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ton, who opened the session b)' paying a glowing tribute
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be kept in bed by main force. The treatment was conducted
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We not unfrequently see men exceedingly stupid and insensi-
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attacks are not imlike those due to unemic poisoning, and oorre^ond
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of strains which are pathogenetically quite distinct, but
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intravenous infusion. Five hundred mils of 4 per cent, sodium
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presence of an undulating membrane. Breinl, who has studied
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profound respect to them. Many of them are mere doctor-
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vicinity were bald. He also found that forty-six per cent,
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No special anatomical lesion has been pointed out as peculiar
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perished by using this plant from the hands of the Tho" d
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the skull. He recovered from the injury without any serious con-
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Hospital. In them the earliest eruption was — (i.) Papular in 35 per
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begun again, and at the same time several joints had become affected,
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favorably with the treatment we had prescribed for him.
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000 each, the first payment being made on January 1, 1894,