being put to the test. It was necessary to have an outlying
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soon after the immersion. In the violent cases it may be
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Precipitins produced by immunizing rabbits each with one of
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stracts of current medical literature of special professional interest
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passive motion, and there will also be vesical tenesmus.
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in intimate contact with early cases of poliomyelitis, and even in
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thelization, and it is then understood that its action is represented
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ing very high praise to this work. It will rank, we
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factor was largely responsible for this difference, since the women
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6. Economy in spacing shall be exercised, and, when not specially
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Where, with great severity of the cardialgic attacks, there are no
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located in the tendo achillis or its sheath. The exceptions noted
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pears to be doing well for a day or two, then convulsions appear affect-
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action, and insure, as is unquestionably the case In the
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through the cervix it can be elongated by a series of clippings upon
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put to her. The other was a Jewish woman, who was greatly
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the caf6 every day the figures are fairly representative. The
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had operated on this case because he had seen several
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in those cases where infiltration is limited to the lymphatics, unless
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Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton. J919. (31s. 6d. net.)
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relatives of the hopeless outlook, he was surprised to learn later that imme-
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in the tongue places the seat of discharge also at the lower end of the
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pressure in these arteries must lead to decrease in the amount of blood
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Prognosis. On the whole, a professional athlete, otherwise healthy,
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It is proved by fome experiments of Dr Jones, that, to pro-
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cost of carrying out such a work, including all ex-
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an effort to free ourselves from the entangling alliance and seem-
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it was frequently necessary to administer a full opiate to arrest them.
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Case T. — A young, strong negro woman (servant to Mrs. Roach, of Orange
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reatment. — As a rule the patient sliould be confined to
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prophylaxis with either influenza or pertussis vaccine
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In r^;ard to the second case, he thought that there
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grandes epid6mies. Rev. d. deux mondes, Par., 1893, cxx,
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From the resulting inequalities of strength, lateral de-