The author reviews the literature, pathology, and clinical

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ance was such as to suggest leprosy. She was examined

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traction of the iris by light is a proof that blindness is due not to any

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t\t Hevue Medicate (Medical Record, October 1 1, 1884),

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failure of coincidence of the normal tones, but to the production of new

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Society, Mass. Medical, when incorporated and organized 246

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fine membrane which actually consists of a number of

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to labour. This condition is commonly associated with albu-

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love of it. you have done well. In no other calling is a real

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or difficulty of articulation, or difficulty of deglutition, or a combination

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to cause stenosis or ulceration. Other means of accomplishing this (e g . incorporation of potassium

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greatly impressed by the physical development of English

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Neurologist to the State Asylum for the Chronic Insane, Philadel-

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not unlike Finkler's Bacillus of Cholera. Streptococcus

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Change of Address. — Dr. Samuel E. Milliken, to No. tj40

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The poisons used criminally against man are very numerous,

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received advice from me a few times previously on account of

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otherwise the treatment made but, little impression upou

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tions were made and did not interfere with the action

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exchange have made it possible to maintain a “no increase’ ’

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venaesection was adopted. The next night was good ; and on

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uterine stem possesses 7 to 15 Uiteral dichotomous branches each side;

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times a reddish hue ; sometimes it is very fluid, of a dark, dirty colour, the

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space it is not possible to conclude extracts from the reports at

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case in which it was suggested that the blood, from some

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During the remainder of the year he attends lectures in

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The logical conclusion, therefore, is that if we cannot attack the

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arising from an overgrowth of the papillae lining them,

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the two impressions we get from the double organs of our

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oea Qii*a) denotes the existence of the morbid condition known as transu-

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ti^ons_occurring at successive periods are frequently points of departure for the

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cases whicli follow perforative appendicitis than in