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1 BuffiUo Medical and Surgical Journal, July, 1894.

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when I contemplate the current rage for rights without

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and the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the local hospital,

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that are changing yearly. It has become a much safer tech-

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noted about the knees. A fungus has been reported as cause but the

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dans le texte et une planche chromo-lithographique.

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various other means and devices were employed to place the aU^ed

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by the use of high powers which are not visible by a

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tion of such cases must lie in a profound interference with vital functions

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" There is nothing 1 in the opinions detailed, which does not appear to jus*

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It is anticipated that the new structure will house, in addition to faculty

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geon. I was called in consultation and only saw the patient

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gencies. In the typhoid state of a patient who is accustomed to

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Fatty acids in the body found in cellular membranes are

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Repr.from : Med.-Chir. Tr., Loud., 1849-50, xxxiii;

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Nov. 15: Seventh Annual Symposium on Diabetes at the

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in a young married woman he chooses the abdominal route, it being

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tempted to rob him of this fame and practice of his.

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rics should interest every general practitioner. It might

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their maximum in some among the old ; but these are

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artizan, letters were addressed by the committee to members of

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tumor. Professor Oilier said the operations were dan-

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"74 AsHHURST, Observations in Clinical Snrgery. [July

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the ophthalmometer of Javal. I believe, when these four

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instances in which rules of this kind will not be applicable, must not deter us

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that the fact of iritis occurring in conjunction with the recurrence of the

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party accused was labouring under such a defect of reason, from

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with authoritative information on at least such points of Veterinary Sci-

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spinal cord, the facts have to suffer a tremendous strain.

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