subcutaneous injection. Quinin is administered per os in solution,

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tions of these bodies, we have an epitome of the morbid proliferations of


the physicians in-ordinary to the Prince of Wales, and one

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On admission. — The patient was rather feeble, but not per-

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will be found a great advance in the treatment, also, of

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divide by 6.5. Thus 26 centigrams divided by 6.5 equals 4 grains.

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ally known, and was extravagantly lauded as a cura-

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Stimulation is, as a rule, not needed, unless in those

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cess of some sort. If so, the two fermentations most likely to

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functional disturbances or pathologic physiology in the

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Leishman and Statham (1905). Journal of the Royal Army Medical

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lain disc carried a platinum plate, which was heated

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In order to show the dangers of summer diarrhoea to

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against the poison the bacilli seem to take longer in dis-

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gross specimens. A systematic course dealing with parasitic causes of disease.

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intrauterine infection present, but infection might also very well

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and which told with such awful severity upon the famished

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Toronto Clinical Society. — This Society held the final meet-

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able length of time after his recovery, as serious consecutive ailment, and

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undertaken were hardly revocable we decided to go ahead as we

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parts of the body whose structure is lax and dilatable, the intumes-

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tern, the most difficult to control, have this origin ; the derange-

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struction of part of the nose, and has numerous scars from old

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governed mainly by the abdominal brain, specialties su-

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are apt to congregate in damp places have a dislike to lime. As

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quently occurs that those who possess it in reality and in fact,

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long and loose. The disease was precisely where the

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