but not unreasonable, requirements as to course of study, and
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"In conclusion, I may remark that 'the usual hospital treatment energetically
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ence of sugar can be demonstrated by the ordinary reactions (p. 586). The filtrate
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its first introduction into the treatment of this disease is undoubtedly
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the treatment of the cases under consideration, the
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where, on the one hand, they are prevented from exsiccation,
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letter of February 4, amended to read six days from April 23.
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In furtherance of the action taken by the Society, at the Cin-
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crosis of the whole thickness of a cranial bone ; and
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way than by supposing that the look-out on one or other boat was colour-
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disturbance of the nervous system, so frequent whea quinine is given alone.
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there is any meaning in the principle of general solidarity, it includes the
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Cerebellum. — Describe (a) its relative development in man
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steady hand, which faculties a man that drinks, and es-
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these legal men are able to combine their efforts with those of the medical
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by the frequent marked tendency of focal patches to become
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larial splenomegalia have reduced the necessity for splenectomy in this
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ments, that this woman alone was guilty. Subsequently to her conviction,
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Non-mallgnaut Stricture. — Of non-malignant strict-
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The animals that have been kept accustomed themselves to
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tion from interruptions 1, 2 and 3 was 0.0121 of a second. It there-
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uncertain; it differs in different individuals, though pretty con-
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(95%) showed normal sway patterns in standard Romberg
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tion urged against it. No woman will object when the matter is explained
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The cause of death seems a mystery, as the patient said of himself that he " ate
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the heart was found covered with a loose flocculent matter, ad-
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of the nerves of the eyes, more especially the third, but
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policy to allow respectable Medical graduates of Universities
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bility of the blood and a diminution of cardiac power, having therefore