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very rarely indeed that a melituric patient is found who re-
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he thought she could not have swallowed more than a drop, but in replacing
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than from a sense of right. Although the day may come
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* Med. Press and dradar, May, 1866. For other cases see ibid., pp. 296, 298-300.
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gymnastic exercises, in foot-ball, never develop hysteria.
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voce questioning, the monotony, the great responsibility, the sorrow
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Preserve Your Instruments. — To preserve your instruments from rusting,
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in trying to restrain him, and the whole head and foot of the
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and elbows. In some cases the rash is abunihint and develops with great
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things. You find one out in the cold ; you take it up,
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active participation. Successful results with massage and electric-
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with the living conditions of man, and sylvan mosquitoes are rarely
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incision is then the only treatment. The longer an abscess is left unopened
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close to its reflection upon the cord and testes. All bleeding is
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Fairly mostly of an intense character, at the moment of the rupture. Some-
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is obligatory upon Seniors but optional with Juniors.
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ciated. We see it exemplified in that form of hydrocephalus which
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stercorous canals are often multiple. There exists a third
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tical employment of hydrotherapy, and hydriatic in-
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and cheerful aspect ; it should be as roomy as may be,
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