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and down stairs, of a resort to rough mechanical procedures
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multiple cerebro-spinal sclerosis, with tumours, Avith chronic myelitis,
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Eoederer (J.-G.) & Wagler (C.-F.) Traiti de la maladie
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GiLMORE, M. D. [From Eeport on the Surgery of Mobile,
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IV'psiii, l-'iltratioii and Dialysis of ------.. 40
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only evincing pain or tenderness when the base of the
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character, indicates that the germ, if it be in truth the
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Abbildungcn in Text und 47 Farbentafeln. Jena: Gustav Fischer,
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as scarlet fever, small-pox, tuberculosis, etc., the othce of the
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in the cavity entirely too long. Twenty-four hours, I take it, is suffi-
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of the flat conductors over the sciatic area, the other pole
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ing in a great degree lessens the danger ; javs I had the advantage of a tolerably
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the skin of healthy persons by Bordoni-Uffredezzi (Bacillus epidermidis) ;
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obtruded themselves on his notice ; tiie resenre which he displays in the
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ter is properly carried out. On the other hand, the experience of
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this instance I varied the ordinary procedure in that
much tearing and manipulation was required to find and
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of this pressure from behind, it would seem as if this
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in the cylinders, < ', (", ('*, ami will always force air into
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bing they had got from Dr French. Dr Chalmers attended a meet-
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growth of the Bordet-Gengou bacillus for eighteen to
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keeping, have attacked the underlying metal, forming green-coloured
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pulse, but a large draught of any cold liquid may slow it. It is interesting
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On the evening of the 26th February 1850, I was summoned to attend Mrs.
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beats, making them intermit and ilutter at different
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that he had less control over the act of micturition during the paroxysms of
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Flagellates having the morphology of trypanosomes are probably only
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lateral balancing, or side-to-side movement in walking.
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Section), Respiratory Therapy Section, and Anesthesia Support Section. The
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ISP 3 It is of great importance, that Practitioners, and others, using Botanic Medi-
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