the temperature of a large portion of the body and circulating fluids, for

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dure will provide an outpatient, cost-saving surgical

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but it contained nothing to account for this. Morphia was given freely by

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render the removal difficult and perilous in the extreme.

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Baker in his combined study of meteorological conditions with

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two chills; temperature, 104.9'' F. ; joint and muscular affec-

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within twenty-four hours from time of attack, there is but slight

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they are not in captivity, the flow is said to be quite as copious as in

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that the disease ought not to be considered as a distinct

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and a school-house near it was also destroyed, burying

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of the quarter. It is not always attended by lameness, and is

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Course, Duration, and Termination. — The course of the disease is so

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are cases of this sort, and were they recognized, as they

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etc. With one hundred and five illustrations. Tenth

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ucts possible. This being true, the microorganisms present in the intes-

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scious I have added little to the aetiology, and nothing to

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sequently apt to decompose, become ammoniacal, deposit

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(C^^H'^O^*), and, by a rearrangement of its atoms, pro-

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snderness over the entire abdomen, but no evidences of intense

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fact has not been sufficiently recognized that tne disease is constantly

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tural similarity with a wide divergence of functional compensation.

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and, later, the group of disorders to which the term dermatitis is

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but sometimes a few small white cicatrices remain behind ; and these may

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or made understandable to o^ers. In all dubious cases

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as that which M. Pean has performed. The localization was

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those just described, with the following additions.

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footlift. Extra working space on gleaming black porcelain top.

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inserted far out upon the head of the fibula, and conse-

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yellow light by the seamed mirror, he sits still, crooning

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claim or litigation, give prompt notice to the carrier.

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operation, it does harm by spreading the infection.

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Lepine, who has made most important researches on diabetes, has given

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in the examination. \o single examination, however, em be

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fall back upon clinical observation. It is found, then,

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afterwards labour came on, and she was delivered in six hours of a living