rectum. Carefully return the stumps inside the bowel. Open the bowels with a

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into one another at their bases, they could be distinguished

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-'■■''"" !■'" -I ili-mn-J.-. i„ ,1,. „i, ,,.,,„(,

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theory and sought to base treatment on experience. 18 Experience

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Not every such history, of course, eventuates in hemoglobinuria, but

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When we observe that certain symptoms occur at the same

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the lower end. The incisions were made as in C'lieev-

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the classification of medicines can never be subjected to the

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tooth drawn, and had never been properly himself since. The peculiarity of the

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vomited matter which Dr. Tuley has spoken of, and on which more stress

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On such occasions I was duly instructed in the proprieties

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there being a large number of such groups in the cervical and lumbar

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the supra-renal capsules, and of extensive lesion of these glands without

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discontinued for a short time, the whole train of bad symptoms returned,

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" After the tumour has been in this way removed, it Is

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shall have formed itself into a stone, when I will cut you with

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improved hygiene of hospital life. There was an average gain in weight

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ical Journal (Vol. II for 1898, page 490) in which he states :

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practised. An analysis of these 92 cases gives the following results. 1. In

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he has received from his ancestors is his body, and that

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delirious. (Continue the morphia ; extr. aconiti gr. ss. every two hours ; a

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ing- the cervix in position. By a wedge-shaped incision the uterus

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courtesy of Dr. B. E. McKenzie, to whom I wish cordially to express my thanks.

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The temperature of an apartment warmed with fire and gas was

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Guard of the United States, in Chicago, August 8th ;

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day, there remain 205, which he treated during 5 years, of whom 15

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those enumerated. There was some possible uncertainty

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have produced a growing demand for many additional sophisticated tests.

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4. A "trickling effect," by which we mean a slow onset of hemol-

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The only varieties which have been considered susceptible of general

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opment such media must be recognized as far below the optimum

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gave the patient relief for a year. He then returned to my office,

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Echinococcus of the Mediastiniim. — Hare has collected 6 cases of hydatid

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matic, Hydrostatic, and Electrical Apparatus, Mechanical Powers, &c. of beautiflil workmanship,

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