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keep off his feet as much as possible, and in severe cases go to bed.

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Th« mumps by mail is one of the latest long distance feats accomplished

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circulation, nutrition, and the functions of the various organs, including

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by Stroganoff. The title is " Fifty- Eight Cases of Eclampsia

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the plants will grow several inches in length in the water, without the addition of any

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Besides the effects of the previously mentioned mechanical and direct influences

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Examination (August 26, 1920). — Examination shows an area

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the unfortunate results of this method of treatment in patients with

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man, from neglect and filth, resulting in extensive ulceration

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required), 1 oz. bottles, and V 2 % water soluble jelly, % oz.

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Typhoid Fever in an Infant Eighteen Months Old ; Recov-