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short, fast and thoracic, trying to suspend the pain of labor; also, vol-

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border. The band is shorter than the inesenterj-. thus causing a

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instance, occurring under my own observation : 2 All the children of a

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tains no tannic acid other than that furnished by the fluid

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ratus so as to cause permanent deafness. After the rash has dis-

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sphincters. There was no stupor; the child was very intelligent.

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impossible to define his position or policy on any great ques-

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neither of whom had suffered from malarial infection. Gross saw a

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normal in respect to the condition of its orifices and valves,

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it has been impossible to demonstrate any increase of the inoculated

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State license has become a matter of such importance

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of explanation. During diastole blood would be flowing into the right

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other cancers also. He reported the results to have been very satisfactory

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those caused by direct or indirect disturbance of the

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In narrow valleys the air stagnates, the moisture is excessive in both

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application of compresses dipped in 90% alcohol to the inflamed

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biological and chemical qualities of the choleraic vibrio prove that the

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teeth. There was no hypersemia within the cranium. The lungs

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press our regret that so much money of the British Medi-

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carbolic acid, indicate poisoning, it has no signifi-

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in high doses, he became progressively worse. For ten

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the latter is from hacillary toxins or from the absorption of

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second phalangeal joint of the left middle-finger there ex-