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cause and effect before introducing it into his book. He carefully has

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ILLUSTRATIONS: Satisfactory photographs or drawings should be supplied by the author. Each illustration, table, etc.,

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ence and by the results of my own search of the records of

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patient. In cases in which the arterial tension is habitually exalted, nitro^

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lung can preserve their integrity when exposed to air of a

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rafed.. Habana, 1895. x. 151.— Sternberg (G. M.) Pre-

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nocturnal pollutions occur from time to time until absolute impotence

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formed in the small intestine, under the influence,

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were attacked within fourteen days of their exposure to the cause. C.

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event does not occur, the case drags on for an indefinite period, and finally

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Proc. verb, [etc.] 188.5, Par., 18RB. i, 574-577. Also: Union

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three years, one to be elected annually, and at the first election following

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was lowered from an average normal value of 14 before the obstruction

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death may supervene, without nystagmus, intention tremor, or a scan-

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5. Eliason EL and Welty RF: A ten-year survey of intestinal

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five weeks ; that her father died asthmatic, and that, a short

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to the formation of which the use of copaiba, cubebs, and matters akin

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come on in the legs on walking and pass off with rest. It is distinguished

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ter as it dips down into the convolutions of the brain. The under surface of

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and through silk-worm gut sutures. Although the patient suffered severe shock from the

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in 1762, and the almost classical case of Parck, of Liverpool, in 1782, the

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It js important to keep the patient constantly busy doing

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venaesection was adopted. The next night was good ; and on

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tion observed: In the first there is extreme hyperexcitability,

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of years, for reasons which I will state. Unquestionably, the

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If tliere is one thing which disagrees more than another with

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an ideal one as regards restitution of the normal contour

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observations of Vierordt and Limbeck, there is usually a slight diminution in the

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which from want of more pathologic and experimental observa-