The College of Surgeons now requires of the student presenting
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Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (Liverpool) .
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this condition was known and practiced. It is true that
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pressure over the nerves becomes very marked as the disease progresses,
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falter, her breathing became embarrassed, and her countenance livid. Dr.
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enfants. — 8. Hesse. Ueber das nachtliches Aufshrechen der Kinder im Schlafe. — 9. Solt-
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divided one or both vagi after destroying the valves. He found that after
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cessary to constitute the disease, various alterations have been found,
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activity of nearly all the thyroid gland, while the cause of secondary
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recovering and able once more to engage in active work.
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"3. In cas(>s in wliich cither minute portions of thrombi are taken up from
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Description. — Found and removed during enucleation of the tonsil in a man,
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later, portions of affected muscles show special involvement; for example,
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infiltrated were turned out and cleared away as perfectly as
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bottom of the sputum receptacle. Any concretions in the sputum should
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During the test has a high and gradually increasing systoUc pressure. Diastolic
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although it does not coincide exactly with the anterior limit of dullness.