from births. Under such conditions movements such as those directed

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only in a very few cases the occiput. The tumours were small,

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bound down by absorbent cotton and collodion or adhesive

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and especially so if the obstmction is high up. On the other hand

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The male genital opening is placed on the twenty-fourth annulus, and the

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tion of liver material into sugar to take place, the presence of

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of the intestine up to the year of Braun's publication.

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bodies called tubercles, or tuberculous matter deposited in the air tubes

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particular toxic cause. Yet there is a sufficiently close relationship between

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“We have now had five months of the enlarged health

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ten vears' "standing. Being a free-living, careless man,

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of home treatment and releasing the unrecompensed wage earn-

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gradually slept less and soon gamed strength, her ap-

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ture" and on " Conservative Surgery of the Urethra," which

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The Parasites. — The head-louse {Pediculus humanus^ Linnaeus, 1758)

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spirits, demonstrating the fact that the mixture could be breathed

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the posterior canal. Pressure upon the footplate of the

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eases of the body lead to intemperance. Because one whose

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acute febrile stage; in the chill it was always absent. The author found that

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In Europe. — A Vienna letter says : " In Kremsier,

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after it has been done a sufficiently large opening must be

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Die hygienische Bedeutungdes Haus.schwammes. Ztscbr.

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filled up with extravasated blood. The process of repair takes place, and

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Diverse Actions of Microbic Poisons. — The parenchymatous degener-

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the bath will reduce the child's temperature very con-

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ample of what might be done in medical societies in the reporting of