part of the landlord that the plumbing is in good order
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saries can do very much for walking cases, and in the early
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year 1983-84. The fourth, or annual meeting, of the
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other body recognised in a list to be annually prepared by
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culties, viz., the adhesions, practically considered, consists in the
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bodies, as causes of appendicular disease. The presence
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after some interchange between the kineto- and trophonuclei, followed
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(which belongs properly to the surgeon), nor the diagnosis (which is the
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The Personality op the Doctor, - - Dr. H. H. Powell
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" 2. That excision cannot be undertaken without imminent risk
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as regards alimentation. Loss of appetite is one of the sjonptoms of inani-
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Koch to the disease under discussion had been generally
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straw, grass, earth, stones, pieces of wood, bits of glass, rags,
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ised, without the cooperation and companionship of others.
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Hinterberger. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift, 1893.
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made thirteen deaths occurred, of which six were defi-
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presents to the test-hook, or the propinquity of other valves to a given
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examples of this sort are found in the conveyance of puerperal fevers
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up to that time the operation had been quite successful and a means of great
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in tabes is always diminished, if not entirely absent, the value
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and have found in them an unusual amount of tuberculous deposit at
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sometimes with hemiplegia of one side and hemiparesis of the other. It
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gas. The abdomen was also much distended by gas, this having accumulated
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cut widely upon a staff and pack the cervical canal, or
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probable that there are minute, but certainly as yet unrecognised,
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care necessary to bring forth normal, healthy children.
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(bond it for mote prompt and certain in its operation than the acetous infusion. It may
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of the pseudo-antirennet, the alkalinity and the thermolability of the serum,
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frogs and rabbits, as by a photographic process, but they
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many points in regard to the acquisition of malarial infection, at present
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not occurring from any transpirations of urine, but from
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further increase in the voltage. This point is designated as the absolute minimum
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datus Neumann 1901, in Japan ; (6) M. argentinus Neumann 1901,
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enlarged in a case of this kind is the epitrochlear. So it is.
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columns of cells which are invading the muscle tissue from the peri-
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In Mucous Discharges, with Debility and Irritability of
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that soon afterwards, and sometimes simultaneously, the vaso*
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Dr. M'Swiney asked, did Dr. Kidd say that this was an operation which
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(J) Chemical and microscopical analysis of the vomited mat-