solution of caustic potassa, arid a faint smell of chloroform
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their behalf it must be said, the external appearance of filth
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tent and later, intermittent. The limb becomes greatly swollen
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gestion and vascular tension, upon which heat acts as a
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•:le ; con-ecjuentlv the w.iter never become- supernatant.
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this enlargement, as well as the tenderness over this region which had been
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mydria.-'is, miiocular polyopy, photopsj- and chroopsy,
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and all the individualities of the tube. These x-rays
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the skin of the palms and soles, the eyelids, nose, vocal cords,
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thinks that they are not sufficiently clear to justify the conclusions of the
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This form may exist either in a fore or a hind foot, and results
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guish many secreting cells taken from the bodies of cholera victims from per-
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some respects, though taking longer to act, the small doses
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It was natural that one who had himself passed through
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but the friends would not consent, and the child died with every symptom
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'> a matter of necessity ; but it requires nothing
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tears, which, by the narrowing and sometimes total closure of
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may be increased by one drop at a time, till a diuretic effect
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what is more important is the fact that syphilitic lesions have
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nowhere do I employ it with such confidence as* in the neuralgias, limited to the
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has shown that in phosphorus poisoning the administration of sodium
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was made for the removal of the appendix, which was
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in glycerine as an injection in gonorrhoea. He has used this in three
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Modification of Pirogoff's Amputation. — Dr. F. Le
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thesia, especially ether, is in active tubercular cases, or those which have
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or even agreed to were he in the presence of the person exerting
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Reconstitution based upon recent photographs and upon surveys by
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examples must be exceedingly rare. Another element is fever. Thia m
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divided it into Cholera Indica mitior, and into Cholera Indica