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powder, and may be drank freely; or the powdered root may be
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in treating the patient, (a) explain the treatment to
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nosis in these cases was extremely difficult, but both patients had
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as a fatty degeneration, although, when speaking of this last lesion, I
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.i ]u-Iitiable and eorreet praetiee to Iij,Mture any lar^e bleeding vessel
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use any effort for the suppression or exclusion of sexual
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Of the Intertubular Substance. — Independently of the salts of lime
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was justifiable, as when a pelvis was so contracted that
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the case of athetosis the position of the hand, its continual instability,
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arsenic in the Bourboule waters. First, because the quantity of injected fluid
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suggesting the function of the true lymphatic system to
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shortly after birth without recourse to anaesthesia.
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be avoided where the skin is much thinned, and ulceration seems pending. In
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more unfavorable; the fever remains at its hight; swallowing is almost
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why there should be any connection between the inten-
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of a large portion of the os calcis. For many days he ap-
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been there for some time when Dr. Ireland sent for me. On reaching
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bloodi'oot and scoke root, 1 oz. of cinnamon, and ^ oz. of
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pathic Medical Society met in this city May 13th, 14th and
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bordered fibres, and, near the peripheral distribution w-e often
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hould be temporarily removed froiu bedstead and win-
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266-270. . Investigacioues .sobre la flebre amarilla.
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of the salivary duct runs and along which malarial sporozoites pass
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tracing the better the prognosis. The worst possible type of curve
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But no fistulette occurred, and that case was also placed
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it must be shown that tibe disease possesses distinctive
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We hear that the Bill which is intended to give to the Society
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and general remarks on the subject." It was printed in the
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continued transmission from man to man ; and, lastly, that small-pox has
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(pre-existing) and an acquired immunity for these thyreo-
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^ Hammarsten, O., Lehrbuch der physio logischen Chemie, Wiesbaden, 8th edi-
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are chiefly complex products of art, and are De'ver likely to be met with in
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which exquisite amphoric breath sounds, and the bell sound are heard,
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necessary to strain in order to accomplish micturition. Now this
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calamity for the profession and a reflection on its in-