ing importance to the medical profession. In 1895 he contributed a

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degree of A. B,, and immediately afterward was appointed

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century. He is one of the men who through professional ability

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is found out, but treat it as our great master taught us, — by its

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acid may be used as a harmless preventive, or prophylactic

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where I loved lo lie reading a book, under a glass (

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nausea, and often the headache, of sanguinaria, is relieved by

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tedious affections of the eyes of new-born children, such as

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to Howard County (which had, in the meantime, become

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years, was President of the Theological Seminary at An-

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ing the years 1887-88. He was able to observe much clinical work in

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to 80 during the American War. Fischer stops at 65 per

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repute as a surgeon. He has undertaken exhaustive research in many

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ous condition of his health. He had always been proud

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such a clear and satisfactory exposition of the principles upon

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pursued considerable research in various leading European centres

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patients who had been trephined, observed by Deljalitzky