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she may have had as many as one hundred " spells " in one day.

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Moore, T. V., Acme, Bait, Med. Coll., 1901 1901 1911

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man in University College Hospital, on the ; ^^^ ^^ chloroform must be attended with

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(F.) Beneficial effects of the withdrawal of bromides in

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Messrs. Coze and Feltz have given us some most interesting re-

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limits, to his lord; the "lordless" man was an outlaw. The

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migraine to a simple focus, generally to one of the parietal bones.

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per cent, formalin after twenty-four hours' exposure destroys the toxine ;

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7. On the contrary, ardent spirits dwarf intellectually, morally,

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shame may be concealed or pride maintained. No reputable

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when I reflect on the nature of the cases treated. In

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in 2,000, as antiseptic. Assisted by Dr. Jamieson, Dr.