Gaz., Lond.. 1884, xii, 59; 72; 82; 107; 119; 132; 1.54; 177;
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attacks are not imlike those due to unemic poisoning, and oorre^ond
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or intestine has occurred conservative (non-operative)
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be shall deem most likely to subsert e the interest of the inqt)irer and bis
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To Jonathan Knight, M. D., President of the American Medical Association:
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the cause, but the result of the disease, and why its presence
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look back upon a practice of years, and remember many
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meet with instances in which our success will prove to be less com-
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only a portion of the cases, and in these are of but limited utility.
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insignificance when compared with health. The publi-
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studied a slight turbidity of the urine was noticed following the
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Its antero-posterior diameter from the subpubic ligament to the
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changes are the more pronounced in youth and less so or absent
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on the dog and man, at once disclosed the fact that the
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during the labour, she consumed ^xx. The pains recurred at about five
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segments of a tapeworm at intervals for at least three years. There