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dition because at every one of these places great swelling has

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which is so frequent a result of injections into the parenchyma of other or-

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enabled to add a similar return from Mount-Jerome Cemetery, Harold's

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influence of wine and brandy. I have observed this in those who had at

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measure of the intensity of the disorder, and a good test of progress. By

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ulcer; they are unattended with pain, rise above the level of

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capillary loops of the glomerulus was not found in any other of

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hundred and fiftieth part of an inch in diameter and were composed of

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Nevj York, for 1855.) Prof. March, however, only used them as

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themselves dangerous, it is to be borne in mind that pericarditis intrinsi-

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ercised throughout the long, hot, tropic days. On the 3d of March we

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blood-pressure w T ould disclose any hitherto unsuspected relations


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Dock (G.) Erysipelas. Svst. Pract. M. (Looniis), N. Y.

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When swelling is reduced make two splints of light wood about 8J

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(now, 1891, practicing law in Oakland and San Francisco, Cal.)

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in the spittoon. This regulation has been generally observed, but

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appeared last July in Springfield, Mass., has been traced

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been vaccinated for the first time at the age of seven months,

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portion of the clothing which may fit tightly should be loosened as an

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Seventh day. — Eye strong, no more watering nor dis-

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in other words, the possible exciting causes of gout are many. A

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eruption of secondary tumors into that cavity. The rapid appear-

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whether in different individuals, at different times in the same

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bring about the numerous changes observed. Halban ascribes to

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hour, for five successive hours, to a boy of nine. Forty minutes

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growths in patients from six months to sixty-eight years. Chapter

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tient be made to drink largely of sudorific teas, etc.

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to have all the reports of a uniform size so as to admit of

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its protection is far better in this region than while passing through

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rendered almost intolerable by pain, debility, and the offensive

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if admitted, may be regaixled as the result of a modified circulation.

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executive committee of the congress is Dr. T. Clifford

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ize the same procedure in another epidemic, a different season, or a different

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that a part of its blood is regurgitated into the auricle, its increased