We shall first designate the operation of Dr. Rhea Barton, for the cure of
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Robinson, of Mildenhall, in consultation upon the following case: —
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M. Biot concludes his remarks with these words: —
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combination or progestogen-only oral contraceptives.
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that auscultation without the use of that mysterious
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remember that July, for example, was “time for the
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ranges from 2% to 36%). An occasional individual will exhibit marked sensitivity to the
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Oliphant, S. G. The Story of the Strix: Ancient (Transac-
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In Scotland there are only seventeen towns, of which the population ex-
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My purpose is a very simple one and a very practical
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■>f small-pox in this hospital ; and in no case, used
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knowledge but the practical knowledge, and without that practical knowledge a student is
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The diet described above emanates from a culture of poverty. In 1959, 30% of
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" At an early stage, even after tlie poison has begun to
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and soon afterwards the little patient fell asleep. I passed
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children in one series with supratentorial tumors. 1
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This case illustrates, very strikingly, the fact that the lungs of a still-born
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day after its birth. The friends became anxious, as the
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it is now clear that many patients with HCM have a systolic pressure gradient only
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description of the disease, drawn from actual observa-
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istrative costs you now pay. And you’ll find Navy Physician salary to be
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it not possible for us to ascertain from hospital sta-
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there he is the patron god of the city/'®^ Homer knew Asklepios
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ing the system, by nutritious diet and tonics, during the process of repara-
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would make forty shillings — which has been taken from